Kaamos at Domus Reginae 2021

Kaamos at Domus Reginae 2021

The first Kaamos offline booth ever was set up last weekend at Domus Reginae event, organised by Finnish lolita association Hellocon. Eventhough lolita fashion is a lot about pink and cute, there is a darker shade of lolita - gothic lolita, that embraces everything dark and grim, so we were not completely out of place there with our corpse paints. :D It was a fun day and I got to meet a lot of inspiring and dedicated people! Thank you for the invitation Hellocon!

Heres a couple of pictures of our booth at Domus Reginae 2021.

Kaamos Corpse Paint mask in Hellocon event

Kaamos Cosmetics booth at Hellocon eventCorpse Paint Soaps at Hellocon eventKing Ov Hell soap and pentagram soap dishMilla Niskakoski and Kaamos Cosmetics booth at Hellocon

Domus Reginae was held in 25.-26.9.2021 in Turun linna (Turku Castle). The event was organised by Hellocon, a Finnish lolita association. All their events are organised by volunteers with a lot of love for lolita fashion.

Our next offline booth will be at Pakanalliset Syysmessut (Pagan Autumn Fair) in Helsinki on October 9.-10.2021. Hope to see many of you there!

Pakanalliset syysmessut 2021

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