The only "cat-eyed" mask sheets in the world!

The only "cat-eyed" mask sheets in the world!

The corpse paint print is a big part of the product, but we didn't skip thinking carefully about the material and the cutout pattern of the mask. With a throrough design process, the pattern of the mask was designed to fit the chosen material and our original corpse paint designs, and the result is a mask that both looks and feels great!

Our original mask sheet cut-out

I have used dozens of mask sheets from different companies and often the mask size and shape didn't really seem to fit anyone. Therefore instead of choosing a ready mask template from the factory, I wanted to design the Kaamos mask from scratch. I made tens of prototypes testing them on my own and my friends faces. The result is a well fitting pattern that also works perfectly with our original corpse paint prints. And proudly pointing out, that unlike any other mask in the world, ours has "cat eye" shaped eye holes!

 Kaamos Cosmetics Mask Prototypes

100% Natural Tencel sheet

The masks will be printed on 100% natural Tencel sheets. Tencel is silky soft, breathable and hypoallergenic material made of eucalyptus tree pulp. 🍃 

Tencel is recognised as eco-friendly material, as it’s fully biodegradable and the manufacturing process has a low ecological impact. The European Union (EU) awarded this process the Environmental Award 2000 in the category 'technology for sustainable development'.

Tencel logo

3D visualisations of our mask cut-outs together with the final two designs!

Corpse Paint Mask Pack visualisation

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