Kekriklubi and Halloween Pop-up 2021

Kekriklubi and Halloween Pop-up 2021

The Halloween season was busy as I had two pop-up events in Helsinki!
I sponsored little goodie-gift bags to Kekriklubi burlesque club's Halloween costume contest and was invited to set up a little pop-up shop at the event at Ravintola Veturitallit. That was a wonderful event with many talented and super creative Finnish burlesque artists! Huge thanks to Shangri-La Rubies who are keeping the Helsinki burlesque scene hot!

Kaamos table at Shangrila Rubies Kekriklubi

Kaamos table and Milla with corpse paint at the Shangrila Rubies Halloween burlesque Kekriklubi

Shanrila Rubies aka TurrrboCherry & Tinker Bell at Kekriklubi Helsinki burlesque club


Totentanz Halloween Pop-up

The second event was Halloween pop-up organised by the Totentanz Store at Ravintola Raiku in Kallio. The pop-up event gathered a good handful of small local alternative craftsmen and businesses such as my own. :) 

Totentanz is a lovely local boutique in Kallio catering to all your alternative apparel needs! Don't forget to visit them if you are traveling to Helsinki.

Kaamos Corpse Paint soaps table at Totentanz Halloween popup

Corpse Paint Soaps at Totentanz halloween popup Helsinki alternative scene

Kaamos Corpse Paint masks at Totentanz Halloween popup Helsinki alternative scene

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