Collection: Kaamos x Sebastian Nordanvind

Kaamos Co. collaborated with Sebastian Nordanvind to create these beautiful designer soap bottles. Sebastian Nordanvind is a Stockholm-based photographer with a unique touch of ethereal darkness.

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Ethereal fragrances

The luxuriously fragrant soaps come in three different scents:  Dark Cedar & Peppermint, Patchouli & Amber Vanilla and Ginger & Smoky Cardamom. Each label features a different photography art work of Sebastian Nordanvind.

Sebastian Nordanvind

Sebastian Nordanvind, also knows online as @seb.jpg, is an artist based in Stockholm, Sweden.

His body of work is centered around the construction of ethereal realms within the realms of dark fantasy, where the primal and theatrical allure of nature converges with melancholic, otherworldly portraiture.

Nordanvinds creations radiate a mystical ambiance, drawing inspiration from the whispers of ancient folk tales, the grandeur of high fantasy, and the haunting mystery of rugged, fog-enshrouded forests and mountains.

Each composition he produces aims to envelop the audience in an ethereal darkness, leaving a lasting impression of somber beauty imprinted in their memory.

Read more about Sebastian Nordanvind from his portfolio page.