Launching on Friday, March 19th!

Launching on Friday, March 19th!

Crowdfunding in collaboration with Backstage Rock Shop!

I am happy to announce that the Corpse Paint mask pack crowdfunding campaign will be organised in collaboration with Backstage Rock Shop. We are excited to work together with the official merch partner of so many Finnish (and other!) metal bands! If there are no further surprises, the campaign will be launched on Friday, March 19th and concluded a month later. Hopefully successfully!


Two girls with corpse paint and logos of Kaamos Cosmetics and Backstage Rock Shop

But what does “crowdfunding” actually mean?

In practice, it’s taking pre-orders to cover the initial cost of mass manufacturing. 

Wait, why do we need to take pre-orders to cover manufacturing costs?

Unlike hand made soaps, the face masks are hard to produce ourselves as they need very specialised machinery and industry standard sanitary facilities. Therefore we had to reach out to a partner factory to make them. A lot of indie brands have to give up dreaming at this point, as the minimum order quantities from factories are way too big. Our partner company is considered small, and typically handles orders of 50.000 units and up. The factory representatives were accommodating, and we managed to negotiate the minimum order quantity down to 20.000 units and two designs. (Which is still an insane amount of masks for an indie brand.)

What if we don’t receive enough pre-orders?

We will work our best day and night to reach enough backers once the campaign is live, but things don’t always go as hoped. If the amount of interest is nowhere near being enough, it is better to give up the dream and cancel the project. In this case money will be returned to everyone who pre-ordered the mask. But this won’t happen, right? Right?!

Your help will be needed!

In this time and age the power of crowdfunding and the Internet can help crazy product ideas such as our corpse paint masks to happen! All of your support will be greatly needed once the pre-order campaign launches. Be ready to help us to shout out about the project to reach as many of “us” as possible.

The Corpse Paint masks are graving to exist! And to moisturise your faces!

Cant wait to launch soon!

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