Corpse Paint Mask prototypes on the table

Total Sincare - The Beginning


This is Milla, the founder and maker of Corpse Paint Soaps. First of all I want to thank You for being here and reading this and following the journey of my new “sincare” brand Kaamos Cosmetics from the very beginning! After a year of design work and preparation we are finally close to opening a pre-order campaign to launch the new brand.

We are super proud to reveal the final designs of our Corpse Paint Masks! But I am also happy to share the design and development process that has led us here.

As you may not know, I have worked professionally with product design and development in Asia for the last 6 years. I built an interest in holistic skincare while working in South Korea, where skin care is big part of the culture, and adopted mask sheets as part of my routine. There is also a great variety of printed masks, and as a metal head it quite naturally occurred to me how cool it would be if these masks had corpse paint.

Panda face masks on the table

In early 2020 my Corpse Paint Soaps hobby project was growing steadily and I started thinking more seriously about my own skin care brand. One day I just decided that you know what, I’m going to make these Corpse Paint Masks happen. And anyone who knows me personally can testify that once I decide to do something nothing will stop me…

I started testing different Korean masks more carefully and researching the different factories that produce them. I had my set of principles I wanted to keep; the mask must be functional, vegan, cruelty free and organic. This basically eliminated 99% of the cosmetics manufacturers from my list and I found a small local factory who met my values and whose products I loved to use.

The first corpse paint mask prototypes

I started to mock up the idea of corpse paint on face masks with a simple face paint and a used face mask. Some of the prototypes I did using a marker. I may or may not have transferred quite a bit of ink to my face during these tests… The first mock ups were terrible, but good enough to prove that the concept worked. It was time to take a higher gear with the corpse paint design.

I pitched the idea to JP Ahonen with whom I had also collaborated before, and whose art and comics I have admired for years. Luckily I didn’t need to convince him too much to get on board!

Kaamos Cosmetics mask pack instructions by JP Ahonen

I prepared a set of design guidelines and mood boards to start with. Maybe the most brutal mood boards I’ve ever prepared for a product development project. From there we had three iterative rounds of JP illustrating flat corpse paints and me transferring them on masks and testing how they worked on the final format - my face. Two awesome designs made it to the final round my confidence about the project got a huge boost!

The second round of corpse paint mask pack prototypes

Testing corpse paint mask pack prototypes on my face

The Final round of corpse paint mask pack development

That boost was soon brutally snuffed out as I was not able to proceed with the launching plans in the middle of a global pandemic. When borders and air traffic more or less shut down, shipping small packages from Korea was just not happening. I was itching to show our project to the world, but at the same time I was really afraid that the project would come to an end before it even got properly started. 

But here I am, back to my home country Finland, with a new company and dedicating all of my time to make this finally happen. I have also started studies in natural skincare, so there will be plenty more total sincare to come!

The final Kaamos Cosmetics mask packs

Pre-order campaign for the masks will start in March 2021 and we are going to need all of your help for the final stretch of the project. Why a pre-order campaign? I will tell you more about that in the following post.

Stay kvlt and stay safe!




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