About Kaamos

Hello! I am Milla, and I am product designer from Finland. As you might have guessed, I grew up with rock and metal, and even in my professional work I have never really let go of that brutal spirit.

Well-being for everyone

I don't think our well-being should come at the expense of others', including animals and nature. Therefore, my products are vegan and cruelty-free, and I always stretch to find the best ingredients, materials and partners for my projects.

I either design, develop or make all of my own products. Some, like the Corpse Paint Soaps and the Spatanic hair and beard oils, are hand-made in my workshop. Others, like the Corpse Paint Face masks and Spatanic Rubber Ducks, are made by trusted and certified producers.

You can read about the origins and contents of all my products on their respective pages, and of course reach out if you have any further questions.



• Vegan and cruelty-free

Our well-being should never come at the expense of others', including animals and nature.
Note! I do use beeswax in some of the cosmetic products. Those products are clearly marked, so that customers who want to avoid beeswax can choose another option.

• Transparent production lines and origin countries

I have no reason to hide any information about where our products or parts of them are made in. We choose our production partners carefully and ethically. 0% tolerance for child or slave labour from any of our production partners.

• Planet-friendly

I thrive to design all product packaging with easily recyclable materials such as cardboard and paper. We only use plastic when it is strictly necessary for keeping the product safe to use and/or to transport.

Most of our products are manufactured in small quantities to reduce waste to minimum.

• No drop-shipping 

All the products are stored and shipped internationally from Kaamos workshop in Salo, Finland.
You can be sure that what you get is exactly as promised.

• No AI designs

All the designs, images and other content from Kaamos are original creative works and not generated by any AI tools.

Kaamos Company workshop and office in Salo Finland.
  • Company information

    • Kaamos Company Oy
    Helsingintie 11 LH B3
    24100 Salo, Finland

    • info(at)kaamos.co
    • Tel. +358-4578-390-366
    • Y-tunnus 3146971-7
    • VAT ID FI31469717

  • Workshop address

    • Kaamos Co.
    Helsingintie 11 LH B3
    24100 Salo, Finland

    • IMPORTANT! If you want to visit my workshop, please contact me in advance minimum three days prior your intended visit. Then we can make sure our schedules meet. I will happily offer some coffee too! :)

  • Customer service

    • E-mail: info(at)kaamos.co
    • WhatsApp message:
    • I strive to answer your messages within 24H on weekdays! Unfortunately I wont be able to take phone calls.