Collection: Spatanic® Skincare

Vegan and cruelty free but extra brutal!

Discover the ethereal collection of Spatanic® natural and organic skincare goods. Treat your skin with the pure and precious essences of the Northern herbs and plants.

We are here to help you summon the healthy looking skin you have always wished for. (And maybe some cute demons too.)

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Vegan and cruelty-free

We believe that our well-being should never come at the expense of others'. This includes other humans, animals and nature. Therefore, we always search for products and ingredients that are sustainably and responsibly product. With only one exception (our sun screen contains beeswax) everything in the Kaamos Co. shop is vegan and cruelty free.

Northern ingredients

Spatanic skincare products are made in Latvia with a trusted and sustainable natural cosmetics manufacturer.

Each product contains a hand picked selection of organic ingredients that are indigenous to Northern Europe. For example our Spatanic Anti-Age Cream contains organic lingonberry and black current extracts and Spatanic Tinted Suncreen contains anti-oxidant rich organic sea buckthorn oil. You can find more details on product pages!

Certified natural skincare

The Spatanic skincare products are COSMOS NATURAL certified by ECOCERT Greenlife.

Find more details about the COSMOS Standard here:

Designs that elevate your gothic bathroom

If you have been searching for witchy skin care products look no further! Spatanic skin care range is designed to serve goths, metalheads, witches, occultists, and other heathens roaming this earth looking for a perfect skin.

The design concept contains our Spatanic summoning ring that calls for the best organic skincare ingredients (and demons). However, true to Kaamos' nordic heritage we keep our designs clean and minimalistic.

What we mean by sustainability in cosmetics

  • All Spatanic skin care products are made with responsible and natural production methods, so your self-care does not come at the expense of others, neither humans, animals or planet.
  • All the products are developed using the green formulation concept.
  • All the ingredients are selected and/or made with respect to biodiversity.
  • All the products are made without GMO in any ingredients.
  • Recyclable packaging and shipping boxes.