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Funding Secured! Campaign prices available until April 18th

Kaamos Cosmetics is a new brand founded in Finland by award-winning product designer Milla Niskakoski. Milla is also known as the creator of Corpse Paint Soaps. The mission is to bring more metal into people's everyday lives.

The first products are corpse paint mask packs, which were launched with a crowdfunding campaign that is still ongoing.. Crowdfunding is a great way for small companies to reach the minimum orders required for large scale manufacturing, especially with niche products that are hard to fund the traditional way.

Quick Facts

• Campaign opened March 19th and ends April 18th, 2021
• Discounted pre-orders available for 31 days
• Special early bird discounts in the first week
• Hosted by Backstage Rockshop
• Two mask designs illustrated in collaboration with JP Ahonen (Belzebubs)
• Limited edition enamel pin for all bundle orders during campaign

The Crowdfunding Campaign

From March 19 to April 18, customers around the world will be able to pre-order the corpse paint mask packs from Backstage Rockshop with special campaign discounts. When enough funds are gathered, the production begins and will, together with testing and certification processes, take approximately four months.

When production is finished, scheduled in August, the masks will be shipped to all backers.

Corpse Paint Mask Packs

Mask packs are popular beauty products that supply moisture and nutrients to the face. Every detail of the Kaamos mask pack is designed to provide the most metal self care products available.

• Unique cutout
• Original corpse paint
Organic, vegan and 100% natural ingredients
• Cruelty free, extra brutal
• Two designs, two formulas
• Moisturizing Rice Bran
• Soothing Green Tea

The Origin Story

Milla's teenage dreams and aspirations for metal were never truly purged through her education and career as a product designer. In 2018 her soap making hobby took a metal turn when she got the idea to make soaps with corpse paint, for which she developed her own soap casting method. The soaps sparked the idea of a full brand dedicated to metal-inspired selfcare lifestyle and beauty products.


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