Kaamos wholesale for small indie businesses is internationally available via Faire. Currently only the Corpse Paint Mask Packs are available wholesale.

Please use the Kaamos Faire -link to order to secure 0% platform fees between us!

Faire is currently running a promotion for new retailers! Use my link to sign up for 100€ worth credits and free shipping for a year.


Ankorstore (EUROPE ONLY)

Ankorstore also offers 300€ credits for any new retailers on the platform! Please use my link to enter the page and use the code: LIFT-39GTKA7X to redeem the 100€ worth credits and other perks if you are a new user!

I can also send you an invitation mail with all the info. You can contact me by mail milla(a)kaamos.co and I will get back to you about it.


Bigger amounts

If you are looking to buy bigger amounts or don't want to buy through Faire feel free to contact me directly by mail!